Permanent Make-Up

WAKE UP WITH MAKE-UP!!  (Intradermal Pigmentation, Micropigmentation)

Wouldn’t it be lovely to rise and really shine? With permanent make-up, this dream becomes a beautiful reality!  Performed by an interdermal technician with complete medical safety, permanent eyebrows and eyeliner can make mornings a pleasure.  Bring forth your beauty with permanent makeup. Have your brows and your eyeliner always looking lovely, well-defined, yet soft and natural.

Neu Spa can give you the gift of a timeless look and the time to enjoy it. No more hours spent in front of the mirror trying to ‘invent’ beauty – it is always there.  Consultations are to be paid prior to each procedure and required at least five days prior to procedure.

Eye Liner

Straight Line
Top and/or Bottom

Eyebrows – Microblading

Single Stroke for that Natural Beautiful Look!