Brazilian Waxing / Sugaring

Private Intimate Sugaring or Waxing

Come in a few minutes early and enjoy a glass of WINE!!!

Your professional and private hair removal services will be performed by a service provider that has worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years!

This method leaves less trauma to the skin re-growth time, hair re-growth  comes back softer (much like the first time hair came in) and is not prickly like when shaving or using salon waxing methods, visit website .


Just the right shape for you! – Sides and Top of bikini area removed

Bikini Extended

More than just a bikini but not a full bare Brazilian!

Landing Strip Brazilian

A thin strip remaining – Top, Sides, Inner Thigh,  Very-Very Back removal.

Bare Brazilian

Bare – All area removal (front to back, sides, inner thigh area’s)  Great for vacations. This service makes that special swim suite work for you.  Perfect for athletic individuals tired of infected areas from their work out.